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The State of Content: Serve Up Success in 2017 [Infographic]

Content marketing has become a main staple for marketers. The potential to reach new customers through hyper-targeting content and monitoring behaviors is an addictive brew, but its effectiveness has been diluted by the increased competition for audience attention. Cutting through the clutter is the new recipe for success.

In the rush to create a competitive advantage through digital marketing, many brands have made missteps, wasted money and lost consumer confidence. Much like the recent explosion in cold brew coffee, creating content can provide sweeter results when it is steeped in quality and authenticity.

Applying data analysis should always be at the root of your strategic approach. According to research and advisory firm, Forrrester, content marketing approaches should fall into three speeds: always-on, campaign and evergreen.

Yet when brands become too data-driven in their content creation, they inevitably lose the human element – or the story – behind what they are saying according to the Content Marketing Institute. As I mentioned in my previous blog, storytelling is about making connections.

In addition, this infographic includes more trends to consider when creating an effective content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Infographic
STATE OF CONTENT: Serve up success in 2017 [Infographic]
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  1. Very interesting. Can see the connection among High School Students, College and connections with new Entrepreneur’s exchanging knowledge and ideas at the Café.

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