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5 Tips for Creating Visual Content That Sells

5 Visual Content Tips

Brewing up audience engagement can be challenging, particularly with overflowing inboxes and jam-packed social news feeds. Visual content, done well, helps you to stand out among the crowded marketplace and makes your brand more memorable with your audience.

Think of visual content as adding a shot of espresso to a cup of basic drip for an extra kick. Images, videos, and infographics, among other forms of visual content, can increase your chances of reaching your audience and converting that reach into sales.

Here are 5 tips to make you and your business the barista of visual content creation.

  1. Visualize your story: Nothing bores audiences more than long paragraphs of text (this blog excluded). Transforming your business data into a visual infographic can make your story more palatable. Web apps like Piktochart can help you discover your inner graphic designer.
  2. Give your photos a boost: Including generic images on your web page or email may not amount to a hill of beans. Adding stylized text to your photos can provide the oomph your valuable message deserves. Making your snapshots special is easy with apps like Canva.
  3. Produce short videos: Let’s be frank. Producing videos can be scary expensive. But short “explainer” videos can go a long way in targeting your audience and allowing them to consume your messaging in “snackable” bites. Here’s where you may need to bring in a pro, but even shooting and editing quality video on your smartphone using apps like Videolicious can make your content a stronger brew.
  4. User generated images: Face it, your brand is what other people say about it. Curating images of your product shared by customers can instantly generate credibility and confidence among your audience. Encourage your customers to tag your business or use an identified hashtag in their social posts.
  5. Break down big data: Giving presentations filled with sales data can be a bit overwhelming not only for the creator, but for the viewer as well. Present your data in pictorial or graphical format. Decision makers can drill down and more easily identify opportunities to do business. For ideas on how to get started, Slideshare is the web’s destination for presentation inspiration.

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips for Creating Visual Content That Sells

  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, David. You are always so generous with your knowledge. Can’t wait to read more tips!

  2. Great tips David! The visual component of your content is so important. Everyone can have decent photos with the abundance of tools available. One of my favorite is the Snapseed app to edit. It’s on mobile so you can quickly edit your phone photos and post to social.

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